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Majestic 12

Majestic 12|| Majestic 12|| unsealed||

Majestic 12 was a secret committee in the United States government comprised of government officials, scientists, and federal agents. The Majestic 12, code named MJ12, was created in 1947 by an executive order 

under President Harry Truman following a barrage ofUFO encounters after the conclusion of World War II. The purpose of the organization was to handle all aspects of crashed UFO’s and any contact with extraterrestrials. Between 1947 and1955 there are believed to have been contact with at least 15 Alien crafts and about 100 Alien life forms, which were all concealed by the Majestic 12 organization. Millions of dollars funneled through the Government and MJ12 to construct underground bases and orchestrate cover ups that the American public never knew about. The secrecy of MJ12 has been taken to extremes and it is believed that former Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal, was forced to live in the mental ward of the Bethesda Naval Hospital after objecting to the secrecy of the MJ12 organization. Forrestal was eventually found dead after “falling” from a window of his hospital room. This accident was later declared a suicide but many theorists believe it was the work of the CIA.